OXLC2016 ready!


2016-05-19 11:45:21


will start with new format (Double-KO), since we will make (hopefully) another competition with Group+KO format (like old SCTFL3).

  1. Bracket Randomization: 22th May, 18H GMT - #OXiD @ QuakeNet
  2. Kick-Off Date (Round 1): 28th May - 1st June
16 clans were previously invited (2 substitutes already listed):
  1. OXiD:// OXiD l33t Sports
  2. cB. Cheeky Bananas
  3. eX.- eXterminadores
  4. r|# Rainbows
  5. vam; vagabonds and miscreants;
  6. {GOD} Soldados de Dios
  7. .bc Beyond Control
  8. *R&C* Respect and Cannabis
  9. $> $>
  10. (SN) Soldiers Nightmare
  11. }=> Rocket Fuel
  12. [S][K] Serial Killers
  13. ~dBa. Dictating Bigotry Assholes
  14. /waives/ Waives
  15. n#>> New Type
  16. \\F.O.S.T// Federalna Ochrona Syberyjskich Tygrysów
Substitute clans:
  1. rG.- (not signed yet)
  2. im:// Impure Minds
First of all, thanks for all signed clans, in particular to the ones that already participated in previous edition. Its a pleasure counting with you again. For the new ones, welcome!

Cup is based on SCTFL rules with some particular changes (read TIEBREAKER rules)
(you can/should read rules at bottom link)

We hope all 16 clans will be active during their participation.

We are accepting substitute clansIF any of these invited teams get inactive/dead in the process (until 1st round ends).
PM r0x if you wanna get listed as substitute.

Channel info: #OXiD @ Quakenet

We wish best luck to all.

More info: http://oxid.filipebrito.com/oxlc/rules.php?rule_id=4

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