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2016-05-11 18:06:50

Ok, new soldat (HD) made me returning to the scene. Lets make some noise! :)

I stopped playing soldat after 2014 but it seems the community still have some activity so, or we let this die, or we try and make some competitions to make this fun.

Our website still have some features not working (comments per example), but i will fix it soon.

For now im planning to create some competitions:

OXLC 2016 (Single Knockout CTF Cup)
DM King! (1v1 DM Knockout)
TAG TEAM! (2v2 CTF - small maps only)
OX CHAMPS! (Group Phase + Double Knockout CTF Cup)

1st of it will be the OXLC2016, since SCTFL28 is running and its a good timing to see who wanna participate.

In the meanwhile we are talking about 1v1 DM Cup rules, since latest had some issues. Lets see if we can make a good one.

We are accepting another options, if you have ideas, you are welcome :)

Cya soon ;)

Posted by: r0x
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